Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Days Old

We are enjoying our peaceful stay at the hospital. We should be coming home first thing Monday morning. The two older boys are having fun with Grandma Rose and their cousins. We took a few more pics. I've been made fun of by the doctors and nurses because my baby has a "wardrobe." But everyone seems to love all of his different blankets. Terek is a sweet little baby. He has slept a lot today. He doesn't fuss much... just when he's hungry.
He's definitely going to be another cuddler (like Joren). He loves to lay on his tummy... especially cuddled up on Mommy's chest. He likes to be held and for some reason, neither of us seem to want to put him down. We may as well spoil him now while we get the chance.


Logan and Sydney said...

Uh oh, I think I might want one.

Ashlee said...

So incredibly precious! We are so thrilled to have another nephew. Anything I can do for you or the fam let me know!!!

Ashlee said...
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