Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This past weekend we went camping. The boys have been asking to go camping and have been so excited to go. They are so good to help get set up, put up the tent, pound the stakes in the ground.... really, they just love being outside.

Brenner's favorite part of camping was the fire. He loved squirting the "fire juice" on the fire to get it started and he loved playing with sticks in the fire, roasting marshmellows, etc. His daddy is teaching him how to be a real boy, I guess. Joren did NOT like the fire. Maybe he associates it with getting burned, which he knows all to well about. Or maybe he really just didn't like the smoke in his face. But he would not go near the fire without a blanket over his head and he preferred to be on mommy's lap.
One thing we did learn was that little Legacy loves Brenner. She would follow him around and always wanted to be by him. She doesn't so much like Joren. He tends to love on her a little too much. (And poke her eyes, tackle her, etc.) But she loves being around Brenner.


rubberbandgirl said...

I love the cute Legacy/Brenner pic.
How did you survive camping this weekend?! Wasn't it cold? Or were you down south?

Liberty Williams said...

What cute kids! Joren is quite the charachter - so funny and cute as can be. They're both just so stinking cute though!

Ashlee said...

Who wouldn't love Brenner? Or Joren really too for that matter! We sure love them both! Glad you had fun camping despite the rain. We can't wait to go this summer!