Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Fun

I've been a HUGE blog slacker... honestly, I think it's because I'd rather post my pix on instagram and facebook.  But, since I do know there are a few people out there who may check my blog that don't have instagram or facebook (Libby and Cash), I hope you read my blog... I'm doing this just for you.  So, here's the instagram photos I took in October...
Fall Break from school was a chance to work on some projects around the house... and take the kids out to have a little fun.  We always love Staheli Family Farm.   There are so many fun things to do there.  
We went to Kanarraville to work on Granny's house again.  We got done sooner than we thought we would, so we headed over to New Harmony to pick some apples.  On our way home, Libby sent us on some dirt road from New Harmony to Pinto.  We were hoping to see some fall leaves, but we didn't see many.  We definitely went on a road we'd never been on before!
A lady in our ward has a swimming pool in her back yard.  Her daughter cuts our hair, so when we were getting our hair cut, the kids begged to swim.  It was October and only 76 degrees, but they had a blast!
We got our family pix taken... this is a preview:)  I'm loving the colors we picked!  You can leave a comment if you want to make sure you get a Christmas card!
Monday night before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  The kids were so excited.  Brenner had found his template weeks before halloween on Pumpkin Masters.  He did a great job... with Ry's help as well (left).  Joren insisted on making his own design (middle).  I think Terek really just liked stabbing his pumpkin.  He designed his own as well (right).
For some reason I really got into the trunk or treat this year.  I found some black fabric and a skeleton at a yard sale a few weeks before Halloween.  I thought a "dead end" theme would be fun.  The skeleton was stabbed and had blood (although the kids liked to say that skeletons wouldn't bleed... blah blah).  I used this idea to make the glowing eyeballs....
Halloween was fun.... my awesome principal let me leave work early so I could get to the school for the kids costume parade.  Then we had our ward trunk or treat and still went trick or treating in the neighborhood.
Brenner is a mad scientist (he was going to be a vampire until he wore his costume to a party before halloween and the cape drove him crazy being around his neck.  So we came up with the mad scientist thing kind of last minute).  Joren wanted to be the same ninja he was last year.  Terek got his power ranger costume as a present for his birthday from grandma Rose... perfect!

Ryan and I were bah humbugs and didn't even dress up this year!

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that girl who pretends to suck spaghetti... said...

THANK YOU! I love your "preview" of your family pictures. They look AWESOME! I do plan on getting a Christmas card from you since I mentioned it on here, right?

Well, i'm glad to see you have done some family things - maybe someday I will join that insta gram world...don't count on it anytime soon! ;)