Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall turns to winter...

... and that's about how much I blog.

November is always a busy month... Ryan's mom is one of the directors of the Jubilee of Trees.  She spends 18 hours a day working on the Jubilee for the month of Oct. and Nov. (I really don't think that's an exaggeration).   We help her as much as we can... this year our names were even in the paper:)
Of course, we also attended the Jubilee...
The kids had some fun stuff going on at school.  Brenner participated in a story-telling festival.  He also is in his school choir.  Joren's class put on a fun Thanksgiving program.
We got to see a lot of our family for Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with Ryan's family.  We had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with my family.   And the only pictures I took were of my cute craft... nice:)  We also went to a temple session with a few of my Williams family to do the temple work for my cousin, Jeremy, who passed away last June.
 The week after Thanksgiving, I had surgery.  I had a benign goiter removed from my thyroid.  Luckily it was benign and luckily I only had to have one lobe removed.  I recovered quickly.  This picture is right after the surgery... the scar looks much better now.
 Stay tuned for December... I actually took lots of pictures of December!

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