Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our New Humble Abode

Life has been busy crazy lately... what with moving and all.  So, here's how the story goes.... We moved to Ivins 2 years ago.  We have been living with my parents...  helping take care of my mom, but also because we were short on money.  Well, you can only live with your parents so long...  I have been wanting to move for quite awhile, but Ryan kept talking me out of it....moving really is a lot of work:)  Tanner (my nephew) moved in with us in June... his parents were still living in Oregon.  Now there was a total of 8 people living in a 4 bedroom home... Tanner was sleeping in the storage room.  Well, his parents moved back from Oregon the end of August.  That brings our total to 10 people... they chose to sleep in my parents travel trailer over on the farm rather than the uncomfortable hide-a-bed in the family room.  We started looking for rentals and found one in the neighborhood where all of my kids' friends live... Amber Estates.  It wasn't one of Ryan's dad's rentals.  When Ryan mentioned to him that we were thinking of renting from someone else, he said, "I have a rental in there that's been available for 2 months."  What?????  To make a long story short, he had already promised it to someone else, but they backed out, so we got it!

 Here is the front of our home.  I don't love the southwest style of these homes, but it's all good.
Here's the back...  It's the house on the right.  We don't have a back yard... just an open commons area. The kids can ride their scooters back there....
... and they had a blast playing their own version of Angry Birds there last week...

... the house is nice... 3 bedrooms 2 baths... it has an attached Casita that will be Ryan's office and my craft room... it's a huge mess right now!   It's a rental, so it's not as clean as I would want it to be... I'm scrubbing grout and cleaning carpets... I don't think the carpet will ever look good enough for my liking.  BUT, the biggest downfall of our house is our visitors... Scorpions!  We have lost track of how many we've found... I think we are over 10!  The first one we discovered when it Stung me!!!  It was in my bathroom on the floor and I stepped on it or right next to it.  Don't worry, you don't die from scorpions... they just hurt really bad!  We have found 3 alive in the house and many more in the garage.  We have sprayed 2 or 3 times... yesterday I bought a black light flashlight and went on a hunt!  I found 2 pretty big ones in the garage as well as a smaller one.  We also some some out in the yard... we must have a nest somewhere.   We are now setting traps... we will conquer these creepy critters!!!  Eeek!!!
PS... I will post pics of the inside of the house when I feel like I have it decorated cute enough to post pics.


Cami said...

You did it! I'm so excited for you!
I can't wait to see the inside, but hopefully without scorpions! Yikes!
Hopefully they're a product of it not being occupied for awhile.

that girl who pretends to suck spaghetti... said...

Well this suffices my taste buds for now. Glad you got your own place and in the same neighborhood. I can't wait to see it all decorated!

that girl who pretends to suck spaghetti... said...

P.S. that is so crazy you got bit by a scorpion...don't tell my mom! ;)