Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sledding in Kanarraville

This past weekend, we got quite a bit of snow in Kanarra. So, Ryan, the kids and I headed to Kanarra to go sledding... finally... for the first time this winter. Even though their mother forgot their coats, the boys still had tons of fun!!!

What I really should have taken pictures of was the before and after of the stove and fridge Libby and I cleaned while the boys were sledding... they were both doozies:)


The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Those are some great action shots of the boys sledding. And yes, we should've taken before and after pics of the stove and fridge. No worries, I still have a pretty vivid mental picture in my head. ;)

Lucashell said...

Sounds like fun... not the cleaning part but the sledding part