Friday, March 16, 2012


What's spring break without a vacation? We asked the boys if they wanted to go to Legoland or Disneyland and they picked Legoland. So, Monday morning we headed to SoCal!

The first thing they boys wanted to do when we got to the hotel was go swimming. It's a good thing the pool was heated and had a hot tub because it was COLD in California!

After they went swimming, we headed down to the Carlbad beach. We went to dinner at Las Olas... it was a pretty yummy Mexican restaurant.
After dinner, we headed to the beach... I just wanted the boys to see the beach... not really get wet. They headed right down to the water and before we knew it, Joren was up to his waist and Terek was tumbling head over heels in the waves... After I screamed at Ryan to go get him... I took after him myself. I got my pants a little wet, but saved my poor son from being dragged out into the ocean. Our time at the beach was cut short because... California was COLD! If it was warm, he could have kept swimming in his wet clothes:)
Day 2 was spent at LEGOLAND! There were a ton of cool things built out of legos. Animals, people, buildings, etc. The rides were totally for little kids, but fun and they had a blast!
That night we headed out to Ruby's diner at the pier in Oceanside. As you can tell from Joren in the pic... it was COLD in California!
Our 2nd day at Legoland we went on some more rides and then hit the Sea Life Aquarium.
Even though it was COLD, the boys still insisted on going to the waterpark. My excuse for not getting in the water was that I wanted to take pics... it was cold:)
That night we found the local pizza joint called That Pizza Place... it was obviously the popular place in town... a lot of high school sports teams were there. Our pizza was loaded with toppings... my favorite part!
I couldn't just head home Thursday, so we took the long way and headed down to San Diego. We went to the Mormon Battalion Museum of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was really cool. The kids loved panning for gold.
I couldn't get over that we couldn't go to the beach, so we headed to Mission Bay Park and went to the playground by the beach. Plus, we needed to get some energy out of our kids:) After the park, we grabbed lunch and headed on our LONG drive home!
Every single night, Joren and Terek went swimming in the hotel pool... I think it was their favorite thing. They had tons of fun. It was great to have Grandma and Grandpa go with us! We had a fun trip! Spring break is almost over and it's back to regular life! I'm thinking it's about time for a trip for just Mommy and Daddy:)

(My pics were all taken with my Iphone... I love my iphone... I used the Camera+ camera for most of the pics. It has a built in Lightbox program to edit the pics. I made my photo collages with the Photo Frame app. And, I love sharing them on Instagram)


The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. I can't believe it was actually cold in Cali. Weird. The trip to the beach sounded a little traumatic - glad everyone is okay.

josh and stef said...

I love Ruby's! As a kid we went there every time we visited Cali. Now we do the same with my little family.

The York's said...

How fun!!!! i need to do all these fun picture apps that you do! Terek's experience with the ocean sounds like my first experience with the ocean. Although I was almost an adult! Glad everything was ok!