Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joren's B-day Pics!

Joren turned 6 on Jan. 3rd! I am in no way a professional photographer, but I like to have nice "birthday" pics. It has taken me almost a month!!! I had to go at a certain time and it was never a convenient time. So, today I bribed him with McDonald's.
Joren is our free spirit. He kind of just does what he wants. We often wonder if he can hear, but we've had his hearing tested and he can hear fine. He always tries to roam around the van... he's the last to get in his car seat. He always has to go back in the house to get something any time we leave the house.
Joren still loves perler beads and will spend hours making fun creations. He is in kindergarten and is loving school. He is learning how to read and often surprises me with the words that he knows. He loves riding his bike home from school with his friends. He loves playing ninjas and fighting with his friends.
Joren's favorite past time is torturing Terek. He is more happy if Terek is crying. At other times, they play great and have a lot of fun together.
Joren is our little snuggler. He loves to have someone to sleep with at night. He loves our new little kitty, Mia and loves to have her sleep with him.
Joren loves macaroni and cheese, cottage cheese, pizza, candy, bread and rolls. He actually isn't too picky of an eater.

We love Joren and know that our family wouldn't be complete without him!!!


Cami said...

Sweet boy!
These are great pictures.
It's fun to read about the ways he's changed and not changed. :)

The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

He is a cute boy, very rambunctious, but cute! Great pics!

The York's said...

Nice Pics!!!! He is so cute!