Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Snow!!!

Brenner has missed the snow sooo much!!! I would be more than happy to take him somewhere to play in the snow... but it just hasn't snowed anywhere close enough at any convenient time. A few weekends ago, we had to go to Kanarraville. Sadly, my uncle passed away and we had to go try to find paperwork and clean the house, etc. I texted my cousin Cash and he said there was no snow... but I packed our snow gear, just in case. The kids were bored. They had no computer, no TV, not toys and it was cold and windy outside. Brenner was thinking it was the worst day of his life. So, we left him at Cash's with his girlfriend Kali and she put a movie in for them to watch. We went back to clean the house. All of a sudden, the wind stopped and it started to snow. The boys were soooo excited. They got right to work building a snowman. They had a blast and it turned out to be the best day of Brenner's life!!!
The memorial service was this past saturday. I don't have any pics, but I think my cousin libby does. There is the obituary and a video memorial on our family blog.

My uncle was living in my grandparent's old house which now belongs to my mom and my uncle Heff. So, now we have a house to clean, paint and fix up and hopefully we will have a fun vacation home to run off to in Kanarraville!!!


Angie said...

Glad Brenner got some snow, but also sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. Good luck with all the cleaning and fixing up. :)

The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Thank you for updating! YOU DON'T EVEN LOOK 37! Sad as it is that Uncle Chesley is gone, I am excited to get started on the (CHEAP) renovations of Papa and Granny's house. Let's do this!!! Serious - I'm thinking it's just you and me anyway.

P.S. How was that Brazilian restaurant in town. I've been wondering...oh and what's the price.