Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 37 to me!!!

All I have to say is... holy crap... I'm almost 40! How did that happen? Anyway....

My birthday was somewhat blasé.... I had to work...Ryan had a class that night so he was gone all night. I didn't feel like cooking so I took the kids to McDonald's. Ryan couldn't handle that I didn't have a cake with candles to blow out (I guess I could have made myself one) so he stopped at the store and bought me one. I blew out the candles and we all went to bed... no one even ate the cake.

Okay, so since that day turned out just about as normal as they get (aside from my mom's brother dying), we decided to celebrate the day after. Ryan bought me an Iphone for my birthday!!! Most exciting gift of all time... I've wanted one forever:) Then Ry's parents baby sat so we could go to the temple and out to dinner. We went to a Brazilian stake house. It was super fun and ended up being a great... day after my birthday!!!

(I've been accused of being behind on my blogging... but there hasn't been anything to blog about... we need to get out and do something fun!!!)

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