Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scholes Circus

This past weekend we had a Scholes Family Reunion. We thought it would be fun to do a little Circus theme! Ryan's immediate family is 40 people!!! Crazy. We were missing a few, but what a fun group!
We had a little photo booth where people could dress up and get their pics taken. (When my kids saw my picture, they thought it was Logan... apparently with a goatee, I look like Logan)
We had a LOT of face painting... that was the kids' favorite part.
Our reunion was at a house in Panguitch. So, we got to make the short drive to Bryce Canyon. It was a pretty cool place and we hadn't been there since Brenner was a baby.
We went on a hike that was over 3 miles. Brenner, Joren and I all wore our flip flops!!!
One of the funnest parts was jumping from the bunk beds to the bean bag... our kids are so crazy!
We had tons of fun. It was nice, cool weather and Terek is already asking when we can go to Panguitch again!!!


Cami said...

What an awesome sounding reunion. Love the clown pics! Ryan looks so coy.

Miss Jessie said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the pictures of you and Ryan the facial hair was awesome!

Shwang & Swear said...

Great pictures! I want to see the rest! It really was a lot of fun up there.

Berty Bell said...

Oh my gosh that turned out so amazing! I love the photo booth pictures. :)

As for the hiking in the flip flops...I will shake my head at you. Really? Tisk, Tisk. Wow - you'll never see me doing that my feet are so messed up that if I hiked in flip flops my feet would have to be cut off!