Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend always marks the beginning of summer. Normally, we head off to go camping with Lucas and Shellie. And as tradition goes, we get rained on. So, last year, Lucas and Shellie said they would never go camping with us on Memorial Weekend again... they think we are bad luck. It turns out that may be true.

So, we decided to stay home. We had lots of family coming into town so we had plenty to do to keep us busy. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent with Ry's family. Mark and Kerri and their kids (Max and Zack) were down. We hiked around on the red hill a bit. Went to a splash park. Played a little baseball. And hung out on the slip-n-slide in Tom and Rose's back yard.
Sam was down this weekend for a golf tournament. So, on Saturday, we headed over to Sam's hotel to got swimming. She's the big sister that the boys never had. They played in the pool with her forever and didn't want to leave. We sure miss Sam.

On Monday we headed up to Kanarraville for a BBQ with the cousins. Before the BBQ we decided to hike up Spring Creek.
It was a nice hike... it was a little chilly so we didn't want to get in the water. Libby seemed to think we'd only have to cross over the water once, but about 20 times later, we figured it was just par for the course.
Back left to right: Cash & Kali. Middle left to right: Summer, Brenner, Trace, Joren, Terek, Jessie and Ryan. Front left to right: Libby, Anisa, Tanner and Ashley.

After the BBQ, we went to the Kanarra cemetery to put flowers on Granny and Papa's grave.
Cute cousins.
I couldn't pass up a chance to do the good old Kanarra tradition of "honking the trucks." Joren and Terek thought it was the coolest thing:)
Ahhh... good times with good family:) Bring on Summer.


Cami said...

What a fun weekend!
I loved the pictures.

Berty Bell said...

First off - I have been meaning to send you the pictures from our hike, but I can't seem to find my camera. Second, crossing the river 20 times made for a very fun and adventuresome hike! Please come up again soon so we can all hike again. It was so fun! P.S. I so wish we knew you were going to the overpass to honk, we would've joined you - fo sho! :)

Lucashell said...

just think it was new for you guys because its your first time you lived there..

it looks like u had a blast...

Miss Jessie said...

This was such a fun weekend! So what's our plan for the fourth of July weekend?