Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Cliffs

This past weekend we went hiking in Red Cliffs with Brett's family (one of Ryan's brothers).
The kids always have fun with their cousins. (Brenner and Cali)
Terek was having fun throwing rocks in the water to splash grandma.
A stop along the way. (Melanie and Cali)
The little kids had fun jumping into the pool from the side (Joren, Cali, Brenner)
The big kids jumped from the cliffs (Melanie, Ashley, Alexx)

It's been fun having a lot of family in town this summer.


Berty Bell said...

I need to go hiking out there - it's been years. Looks like a lot of fun!

Cami said...

This looks so fun! Glad you're finding happiness in the heat.