Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun at the Park

I volunteer in Brenner's class every other week on Mondays. Cami so kindly baby sits the two munchkins for me while I'm there. Terek usually cries the whole time he's there... poor Cami. This past Monday she took the kids to the park... to keep Terek from crying.

He had tons of fun and enjoyed going down the slide on his belly.

Joren practiced his gymnastics tricks on the bar over the slide.

He's quite the athletic kid!


Lucashell said...

Joren is pretty sporty if you ask me... Don't worry Cami Terek really liked me before I left he even chose me over Ryan Once I felt way special...

Cami said...

Shelley, I know what a big deal that is. :)

These turned out cute. At least I'll always remember that Joren loved me when he was a baby and he's starting to like me again.