Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best Buds!!!

The other day I realized that I haven't taken many pics of the kids with their friends. Lately it's been all about being with friends all the time... which is so great!!! The kids can't wait to play with their friends after school... and usually our back yard is full of kids... we love it!!! So this week I will try to take more pics of Brenner with his friends as well.

So, this is Joren and Parker... they are inseparable. They have so much fun together. Parker lives right across the street. Aren't they so cute?

How appropriate that they are almost wearing matching shirts!

For non-family friends, I've been posting a little more on the Williams family blog just because more of my posts have been about Lucas and Shellie so I thought I'd put them on the family blog. You can check them out here.


thehaagas said...

Your boys are so cute makes me excited to have a boy! Long wait but we moved to Riverton!

HEATHER and JON said...

They are quite the pair. I think it is cute that they get along so well. Good neighbors are hard to find!