Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girls' Weekend

This weekend, for Mother's Day, the girls in Ryan's family headed up to Midway to stay in a cabin for the weekend and craft!  It was so nice to have a weekend dedicated to doing the projects that I love doing. 

I spent Friday night scrapbooking.

I spent all day Saturday sewing (and got a little scrapbooking done in the evening).

Some of my sisters in law working on homework, some played games, some sewed and some gave each other pedicures.... I even gave myself a pedicure.

I came home this morning to a beautiful vase of flowers and Joren was so excited to show me my musical card that he ripped it open for me!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in my life.  Thanks so much Rosalie for putting together a fun weekend for us and for always planning fun things for our family.  And THANKS so much to my mom.  You have been so amazing at fighting this cancer.  We pray that the chemo has been working and that we will have many more mother's days to share with you.  You have been such a great mom!  You have taught me so much and sacrificed so much for me all my life!  I love you!

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