Sunday, January 4, 2009


My big boy Brenner went into CTRs today. I think that makes me feel old because back in my day, CTRs were a lot older... he would have been a star. Needless to say, I can't believe I have kids in primary, but to have a CTR seems so old.

On the other hand, sweet Joren missed the deadline by 3 days, so he is still in nursery. This is good in a way, because the kid can't sit still. However, I think he'll be really bored with it by the time he's almost 4 and he's in nursery with 18 month-olds. I walked by a few times today and saw him playing with a Dora castle, listening to a book read by his teacher, and playing with princess dishes. Nursery is so great for Joren because he can play with all of the girl toys that he loves!!!


Chunk N ME said...

Girl, you are only as old as you feel! So you can be 21 forever!! or 17 like me :)!!
Crazy how time flies. I have Colby's baptism this year. . .i never DREAMED that would happen so fast! So think young, act young :)

rubberbandgirl said...

I remembre Brady Gennessy being very bored with nursery being the oldest kid in the room. Joren will be fine though. He's going to do a lot of growing this year!

Christina said...

It is crazy that kids grow so fast. Tayden will be baptized this Feb. Crazy!!! I feel so old say it, but "Where does the time go?".

josh&stef said...

Kylie missed it by 11 days. It seemed like she was in nursery forever! But she loved it and loved her first week in primary. My baby will be in nursery in a month. Time flies!!