Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to one and all!!! Lucas, Shellie and Legacy came over to ring in the new year with us! These two little troopers crashed pretty early.

We stayed up and played Wii!!! Good fun.
My new year's resolutions:
  • tag all of my digital photos
  • lose 25-30 lbs.
  • attempt to run at least a 5K with Shellie (so she thinks)
  • put myself on a budget- Ha, Ha, Ryan just laughed!


Lucashell said...

That was a really fun night!

5k, I will pick the perfect one we can run this summer!

Logan and Sydney said...

Logan took me on a romantic trip through the McDonald's drive-thru and then played Xbox til midnight while I drank my sparkling cider and read a book.

Ashlee said...

I have no doubt that you can and will accomplish all of your resolutions. Glad you had a fun new years

Ron and Debbie said...

If I know my little girl, she will accomplish her resolutions. It looks like you had fun. Love Dad