Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Joren!!!

Yesterday Joren turned the big 3!!! We went to Hollywood connection and went mini-golfing and went on the rides. We went to the Mayan for dinner and had cake and ice cream at home for dessert. Joren has always been such a happy little boy! He loves to go anywhere and do anything.
He loves all girl things and can often be found wearing princess dress ups and playing with ponies at his girl friends' homes. He also loves reading books.
Joren usually has a dirty face and dirty hands. He loves mac-n-cheese so his face is usually orange. It's a good thing he has the cutest face. I love his cute cheeks and his beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes.
Joren definitely has a mind of his own. He loves his big brother Brenner as long as he gets his own way. They can often be found wrestling on the floor. He really, really loves his baby brother Terek. He is a little too rough with him, but Terek loves him too.
Happy Big 3 Joren!!!


Christina said...

3-year-olds are so fun! He is a cute little boy.
I loved your 25 days of Christmas. I am amazed that you kept up, I would have been behind about day 3. I really shouldn't be surprised you are Anisa after all!

Lucashell said...

He is 3 cannot believe it!

rubberbandgirl said...

Oh the memories of this boy... Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Joren! I just love that little guy.