Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family Camping Trip

We used to go on a family camping trip every summer... until Mom got cancer.  Well, she's doing pretty good right now, so Lucas planned another trip for us (and Dad bought a travel trailer for mom to sleep in).
Of course we had to go to the best fishing spot... Lower Bowns.  I confess that we have never really wanted our kids to catch fish.  We don't like them, so we never eat them.  So we have always bought them cheap character fishing poles.  Well, Brenner really likes to fish and he will actually eat it, so maybe it's time to buy him a real pole.  His pole wouldn't go out very far so he only caught one fish.  Legacy was really the fishergirl... she caught way more fish than anyone!
There was a fun red rock hill close by so we went on a little hike.  It was fun and a way to do something a little different.  Joren spent all of his time with Legacy and was on the 4-wheeler with her and grandpa or his dad most of the time.  Terek also loved to ride the 4-wheeler with his dad (not sure why I didn't take any pics).
We had a few tough setbacks the first day (flat tire on the trailer, long wait in Loa to get the trailer fixed, really windy, cold and our pump wouldn't work for our air mattress).  But it ended up turning out to be nice weather and a lot of fun!  (ummm, next time I should take a few more pix.... what has gotten in to me?)

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The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Gosh you did have a rough start to your camping trip. Glad it turned out nice for you. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all.