Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Trip to Moab

A couple of weekends ago, we took the kids out of school for a Friday and headed to Moab!!!  Our main purpose was to visit Lucas and Shellie, but it's super awesome that they live in a fun place.
 Their town home complex has a pool, so we got to go swimming a couple of times.  The boys always love swimming.
 Just being outside and enjoying nature is always good.  They have a really awesome playground by a river.
 By the rec center in Moab is a skate park.  The kids loved playing at the skate park.  It wasn't super busy like the one we have in St. George (plus, ours is kind of scary).

 We went to Hold in the Rock.  We didn't go through the house, but the kids picked the petting zoo instead.
 We went on a hike to Bowtie Arch and Corona arch.  It was a great, quick hike.
 Some crazy people were "swinging off of the arch."  Good entertainment.
Hopefully Lucas and Shellie like visitors because we have the perfect place to getaway to.  (Feeling a little guilty about not visiting them in Rock Springs enough).

Oh, and I love my Iphone.  I love the camera on it!  And I love my fun apps... Camera+, Photo Frame and Labelbox!


Cami said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm having phone jealousy here. :)
It's gotta be fun having your family closer by.

The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Jealous. HOpe I can make it to see them this summer. Wow Anisa you are on a blogging roll! I thought blogging was overrated? ;)

The York's said...

Looks like you had fun! Love the bowtie hike, great one for kids! and is the photo frame app how you get several pics put together? I started labelbox and love it!
You guys will have to go there for jeep safari or car show those are fun weekends in moab!!