Saturday, May 5, 2012

April just flew by...

Blogging is a little underrated... 

Brenner participated in the Evening of the Arts at his school.  The theme was diversity is... so he submitted his Perler Bead art.  "Perler beads are all different and unique, but if they all work together, they can create a beautiful work of art."  He won 2nd place!
The boys participated in about 4 easter egg hunts.    Unfortunately, I only took pictures of 1.
Joren and his teeth.... he had some new permanent teeth starting to come in.  He was way too scared to have me or Ryan pull them out.  For awhile, he had two rows of teeth like a shark.  Eventually he wiggled one enough to pull it out himself.  It just so happened that he had a dentist appt to get some cavities filled.  Since he has to be sedated for dental work, I had the dentist pull out the 2nd one while he was doing the dental work.

Terek had Pet Day at preschool so he got to take Mia to preschool to show his friends.

We love the Kayenta Chalk art Festival.  This year we have been spending a lot of our weekends trying to fix up Granny's house in Kanarraville.  So, we missed the festival.  We headed over Sunday after church to see all of the finished products:)  These are the kids favorites...

Terek learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!!!  We knew he could because of how awesome he is on his scooter!!!  Now he needs to work on starting and stopping better on his own.
Spring has sprung and our garden is starting to produce.  We have lettuce, radishes and our favorite... PEAS!  My boys love them and will often be found over at the garden munching on peas!
We can hope for better blogging in May, but I doubt it!  For more up to date info and pics, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Here is our list of things to look for in May... Moab, Brenner's b-day, father's and sons, working on Granny's house, end of school, family camping trip... busy busy days... bring it on!

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The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Your garden looks great. Love the red dirt with the green produce. Blogging is not overrated. If I remember correctly you are the one who got me into it. ;)