Sunday, August 14, 2011

Washington County Fair

As a last hoorah before school starts we thought we'd take the kids to the fair.
It costs an arm and a leg, but the kids had fun.

The main reason we went was the demolition derby. We thought the kids would get a kick out of the cars crashing into each other.
We ended up with a nice overcast evening... it helped it to cool things off. We had a really pretty rainbow.
The demolition derby was really fun... totally exciting. (our only complaint was the wait in between the heats.)
After the derby, we headed to our air conditioned car where we watched the fireworks.

The kids are already asking to go again next year.

(PS... I thought the fair was the perfect opportunity for my fun retro camera on my phone)


Miss Jessie said...

I've never been to the Washington County Fair. It looks like fun, and I love the pictures!

Lucashell said...

looks like alot of Fun... We just went to the wyoming big show its the wyoming state fair. We had fun but Im so lame I forgot to take pics...