Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My sweet cousin Libby won a two night stay at the Virgin River hotel in Mesquite. She gave it to me because it could only be used Mon-Thurs. So, the kids and I headed to Mesquite.
They always love staying at hotels.
We did ALOT of swimming. (poor Brenner is having a really hard time with the chlorine in the pool and he has super sensitive eyes)
We went to a little Mesquite museum. The kids loved the old typewriter.
And they got to play the old record player.
We even found time to do a little geocaching.
We ate a LOT... love the buffets. We also went bowling and played at the arcade. Ryan came down for the last night we were there.

Good times... we might have to do it again next summer!


Lucashell said...

AAH the best part staying in a motel... That so fun.. Looks like loads of fun you had..

Berty Bell said...

Gosh I am way behind!!!!! So glad you had a good time in Mesquite - of all places. If I went I would've just gambled the whole time....KIDDING. Looks like it was a good time had by all!