Monday, January 3, 2011

Big J's Big Day

5 years ago this adorable little boy came into our lives... He is such a fun-loving little boy!
We awoke this morning to snow (see post below)
Joren got to open his presents... Trio Castle and extra characters, Paper Jamz drums, and Wii Harry Potter Legos!!! Pretty lucky boy!
Breakfast on the special Birthday plate.
Perler bead cake and cupcakes (we had a perler bead party... see Twiddle Thumbs for details)
Waiting to go swimming.
Fun at the pool with friends.
What a handsome little guy!!!
Happy Birthday Big J! We love you!


Cami said...

That is THE handsomest picture I've ever seen of Joren. He always looks really cute and adorable, but he looks so grown up there!

Wow! Happy birthday yesterday!

Berty Bell said...

OooOooOooOooohhhhHhHHhHHHH he is so stinking cute! Love the cake! And, I can't believe the snow is still kind of there in Ivins...and it is cold - not as cold as K-town though. ;)

Lucas Blake said...

Did his hair change color? It is looking darker.

The Britton Clan said...

I cannot believe that he is 5! The cake and cupcakes turned out way cool. You did a great job!

Lucashell said...

Happy Birthday cute Joren... Wow he looks so grown up..

Lucashell said...
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