Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Brenner

I know he's a big boy and he's in Kindergarten, but he's 6! He's not a toddler any more... at all.

He wanted to have multiple parties... it's not about just one day any more. Since we had his party on Saturday, we thought we'd take him somewhere fun... rather than have him sit at home and play on the computer while I do laundry and clean.

So, we headed off to Chuck-E-Cheese's... his choice.

We waited for Daddy to get home from work to open his presents.
It was quite the difficult task to keep Terek from opening all of his presents. He was sweet to let Terek and Joren open them as long as he could watch them and they didn't open them all at the same time.
He took cookies to his class today and we had cupcakes for his birthday dessert. (All made by Harmon's... not lazy mom. We had his fancy cake made by Jacinda for his party.)
He was super excited for all of his presents. Happy 6th Birthday, Brenner!!!


Liberty Williams said...

I can't believe he is 6!!!! He's so cute, becoming so grownup! Loved the cake, and thanks for the laugh about you being a lazy mom - so not true!

Cami said...

Happy Birthday!

Lucashell said...

He is so awesome and has so many friends... I still can't believe he is 6...