Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terek at 15 months

Terek is such a crazy little boy! He wants to be a big boy like his big brothers.... he wants to do everything that they do. He won't sit in his high chair. He doesn't want his food cut up and it must be on a plate and he must eat it with a fork. He loves to color (especially on his clothes). He wants to play on the computer. He wants to sit on the couch with a Wii controller in his hand and play like his brothers. He loves to climb. The list goes on.

He is starting to walk now and will for praise, but for no other reason. But, the kid can climb! He can climb up on the barstools and get up on the counter, the tables, etc. Nothing is safe from him.

He has his 8 front teeth, all 4 1st year molars and he's working on the incisors (I think that's what they are called) right now.

He has a hilarious fake laugh and a fun little fake smile similar to his "bitter beer face" that he used to make a people he was scared of. He has the funniest way of sleeping...(I must get a pic but I'm always afraid of waking him)... he lays on his stomach with his arms and legs tucked up under him.

He loves his Daddy!!! And we all love him (most of the time!)

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