Thursday, October 29, 2009


Meet Kinderbear... he is Brenner's class bear. The kids in his class get to take turns taking him home for the week. They bring him home in his cute little backpack. He has different clothes to wear. They get to do fun activities with him and write in his scrapbook about the activities. Brenner was so excited for his week. I signed him up for the week of Halloween because I thought that would be fun.
Kinderbear got to help us carve pumpkins.
Kinderbear got to play in the first snowfall of the year.
Kinderbear (dressed like Santa) got to help Brenner with his homework.
Brenner insisted on sleeping with Kinderbear in a sleeping bag in the family room every night.
Kinderbear got to dress up in his halloween costume (thanks Sam) and go to the Halloween reading time at the library.
Brenner gets to take Kinderbear back tomorrow for his Halloween party at school. He is sad he doesn't get to take Kinderbear trick or treating with him but Mrs. McKenna gets to take him home on the weekends (I'll bet she takes him trick or treating:)


Lucashell said...

Very cute...

rubberbandgirl said...

This is a great idea. I love that sleeping photo and his very cute costume. :)

Christina said...

What a gute idea. I loved the costume and the first snow. Kinderbear was very lucky to get to play with your boys!