Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cute little booger boy!

Cute little booger boy is 14 months old today. Boy does he have quite the personality! He loves what he loves and totally wants what he wants!

For instance, he would not let go of that umbrella to save his life. He also loves to play with brooms.
He loves books and especially this elmo book. He will crawl across the house to bring you the book to read to him.
He hates clothes!!! He's really not loving all of these long-sleeved shirts and he's constantly trying to take them off. He also takes off his shoes and socks. However, he spends a large portion of his day standing at the door screaming to go outside.... and I mean screaming.

And that boy loves to dance!!! This was a rare occasion catching him dancing with all limbs... usually he just has one hand going!!!

He isn't walking yet and has no desire to walk. But he can stand up all by himself to body slam us.

We love you big T!


rubberbandgirl said...

He looks just like the baby pics I've seen of you in that high chair picture

Liberty Williams said...

He's growing into his own. What a dancer!!!!

Lucashell said...

He is so stinking cute!!!

Ron and Debbie said...

I bet he is missing grandma reading to him. I know se misses him, and all of you.