Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr. Grabby Hands!

Warning!  This is what happens when you leave Terek's cereal bowl too close to him.

He is such a grabby little guy.  I took him to a movie the other day and he kept knocking the drinks out of the cup holders.  He's my only kid who could hold his own bottle at this age... wait, he won't drink from a bottle, so how does he know how to hold it!!!


Jessie said...

He is so cute. I'm pretty messy myself. At work I have the nickname messy Jessie because I'm very messy.

Chunk N ME said...

My boys were the same way! I almost didn't want to feed them because of the mess they would make. It was like eat 4 times a day and baths 4 times a day! :) LOL!!
He's so cute! :)

Lucashell said...

This is why he gets rice cereal in his nose!

Liberty Williams said...

You took him to a movie...hmmm.