Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great weekend. It was so nice to have Ryan home for 4 days. The morning of Thanksgiving, Shellie and I went to a movie. (I already posted on that). When I got home, it thought it was so nice outside so, we took the kids to the lake to throw rocks in the water and stopped at a park to play as well. (I love living in Daybreak)
We had a nice quaint Thanksgiving Dinner with Lucas and Shellie. (Apparantly I only thought it was important to take pictures of the food).Brenner wanted to be like Tom (on Tom and Jerry) and eat the Turkey leg. On Friday, we got together with Ry's family for pizza, snacks, games, and kids running around like crazy. (Again, I'm not doing so well with taking pictures right now... what is my problem?????)
On Saturday we had a shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, Sara. She is a cute girl and we're excited to have her in our family. Dane and Sara stayed at our house and had fun being attacked by my crazy boys... they are great birth control!
I really missed seeing my mom on Thanksgiving and I hope she gets well soon.

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rubberbandgirl said...

Well, I have great memories of Tom and Jerry and I think Brenner made a great choice.
Sounds like you had a nice weekend!