Thursday, October 2, 2008


The boys have really been into Legos lately. They get on the Lego website on the computer and play games and look at the lego sets that they would like to have for Christmas. They also love the Lego star wars and Indiana Jones games on the Wii. Joren loves putting the legos together to make guns and pretend shooting people with them. Brenner is really good at following the instructions and actually putting the sets together (as long at they are pretty small sets). He's not very good at keeping the sets together, so once the pieces get scattered everywhere, he then just has to use his imagination to build his own space ships or guns or whatever, which he is really good at as well.
I think Santa may be bringing more tiny legos to our house for chrismas!!!


Liberty Williams said...

Legos are still should take your next family trip to So. Cal where they have that huge lego thing.

rubberbandgirl said...

Legos and I are very love and hate right now, but oh those boys love them!

Lucashell said...

AAAAAAH Christmas is just around the corner!!!