Monday, October 20, 2008

I love fall

I love fall. I really think that it is my favorite season. Maybe that's because my favorite color is orange. I love being able to take the kids pictures with pumpkins and in the corn mazes. I love all of the fun outdoor activities that there are to do in the fall. Joren, Terek and I went to a playgroup field trip to a pumpkin patch while Brenner was in preschool.
I was supposed to take the kids down to Thanksgiving Point to the Scarecrow Festival with Cami last Friday. I was still sick, so I opted to stay home. I was really sad to not be able to go. However, I sent Ryan with the kids on Saturday. They had a lot of fun and my husband is amazing to take them places.

That night we headed over to Gardner Village for the festivities there. They had a scavenger hunt, costume parade (which we kind of missed) and such stuff. It has been such nice weather here lately we just have to get outside and have some fun.


Lucashell said...

I love fall too, especially for the food!

Logan and Sydney said...

I love it for the holidays. Halloween = lots of candy, and Thanksgiving is the only day you can stuff yourself and no one thinks twice about it.

Liberty Williams said...

I love fall too! To bad I'll be in Hawaii this Halloween??? Your boys are getting so grown up and are as cute as ever!!!