Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They are famous!

So, they were on Good Things Utah.

I have no idea if you can view this link for very long or not.


Give it a try.


rubberbandgirl said...

That is so cool. At first I tried to count how many times I saw each of them, but just had to give up. I bet Brenner loved that!

Lucashell said...

Cute Fam Pic.. One question though do you plan on a photoshop trick to get Terek in it?

Christina said...

That looks like a fun gym for kids. I am glad you posted the link I didn't get to see it air but I am glad I got to watch it.

Jessica said...

You are SO trying to copy my famosity?!

(Thinking and praying for you guys!)

theheadricks said...

Thanks for the tip! I bought 8 camps and am planning on sending them on Aug 14 or 15.

Jessie said...

I saw your kids on tv!! Wow!!