Friday, June 28, 2013

Brenner is {NINE}

(Ok, so Brenner was nine over a month ago).  I can't believe how fast time has flown.  My baby boy ins't so small any more.  Give him another year and he'll be taller than me!
Brenner continues to do great in school.  He still loves to read.  He isn't much into sports, but decided to join the swim team for the summer and has really enjoyed that.

Brenner has become quite independent.  He can cook his own food... he loves to bake cakes and brownies.  He has a job mowing grandpa Blake's lawn and has saved up his money to buy his own iPad mini.  And that is what he enjoys doing the most is... watching youtube, netflix, playing minecraft, dragonvale and other such games on the iPad.

Brenner enjoys playing with his best friends, Xander, Topher, Trey and Dustin.  He's a pretty obedient boy and does his chores and helps around the house... only give me attitude sometimes:)

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