Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everyone else's spring break:)

Our spring break was really early... the 2nd week in March... but after our spring break, the rest of our family started having theirs.  That means lots of cousins in town!!!
 Shane's kids were here from California.  So, we got them addicted to perler beads.
and since they were out on the table, Joren and his friends worked on them too.
Here are some of their final products!

 We also had Shellie, Legacy and West in town for their spring break.  West was so fun to play with.

 Grandpa was so good to take the kids on 4-wheeler rides over and over again!
The kids got to go on a few easter egg hunts.  Ivins city had one, the Scholes family had one... and the Easter bunny barely had the chance to come... the boys were so busy.

 I had to make some deviled eggs that I had seen on Pinterest!
 Here's the boys on Easter afternoon in their Sunday clothes.
 And we snuck in a family picture at Shane's wedding!

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