Friday, February 1, 2013


I figure I'm doing good if I blog once a month.  We started out our month at Instacare on New Year's day with this...
Terek's toe got infected (probably from biting his toenails... gross!)
For Joren's birthday, we went to Pizza Factory with the Scholes' family.  Even though his party was coming up, I still had to make him a cake!
We had an Angry Birds party for Joren's birthday.  For details, visit Larcie Bird.

The beginning of January was super cold.  When it warmed up, we enjoyed as much time outside as we could!
Anyone that knows and loves Terek has been doing a little bit of this lately... the kid is obsessed with Star Wars right now.

That was about it for January.  We are looking forward to more warm weather and fun in February!

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Shwang & Swear said...

So you need to post something new on your blog so I don't have to see Terek's infected toe anymore. Ew! :)