Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pioneer Day

Here's rundown of our Pioneer Day Activities:
We began the day with the Ivins parade.  The boys and I rode on the primary float.
 After the parade, we attended the booths and activities at the park.  The big boys had a blas in the water bubbles while Terek rode on the boat.

After the Ivins activities, we had plans to go to Pine Valley and have a BBQ.  Well, when we got there we realized that we couldn't have a fire or briqueets because of the fire hazards.  So, we debated on what to do and ended up heading back down to Veyo.
The Veyo pool and crawdad canyon is awesome!  There are fun bridges to cross and a rope swing that swings into the river.  There is also a deep swimming hole in the river.  And you can catch crawdads... with bacon apparently:)

We thought it would be fun to swim in the clean pool as well as the dirty river, so we took the kid to the actual pool to swim.
Then we headed back home to Grandma Rose's and Grandpa Tom's house to do fireworks (since Ivins won't let you do fireworks).  The kids had a blast setting off their own... despite the fact that Lin's raised their prices on their fireworks the day before so I couldn't afford the pack that I had been wanting to buy:(

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The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

I love Veyo! Next time you go let me know - it's been forever since I have been there. Looks like a busy summer filled with fun!