Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festivals

Last weekend we headed up to Cedar City for the Pumpkin festival. The kids got to paint pumpkins...

... Trace (my cousin Summer's son) was the only one brave enough to try to eat a donut off the string...
... Home Depot was there with a craft for the kids to build and paint. They also had a lot of fun booths and activities for the kids to do.
After the Pumpkin Festival in Cedar City we headed down to New Harmony for the Apple Festival. The boys enjoyed their blue snow cones:)
My Grandma's sister lived in New Harmony and had apple orchards. My mom's cousins still live there and own the apple orchards, so we headed over there for a visit and picked some apples.
Brenner was very particular about the apples that he picked and not sharing them with anyone.
We enjoyed eating a few apples fresh from the tree.
Joren thought it was fun to whack the trees to make the apples fall.... he didn't quite get that bruised mushy apples aren't super yummy to eat.
It was such a pretty place and fun to visit with family.
Left to right: Back: Kali (Cash's girlfriend), Ryan, Anisa, Summer, Libby and Peyton. Front: Brenner, Terek, Joren and Trace. I always love spending time with my cousins.
The boys always have fun with their cousins too.
It was good to see you Summer and I hope you have a safe trip back to New Mexico!


Lucashell said...

Looks like alot of fun...

Berty Bell said...

Oh My gosh! It was so fun, a little bit of a rough start for me, seeing as how all I did was stand in lines, BUT I really had a great time. I was glad you invited me along for the day of fun fall festivals!