Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brenner is 7

This little adorable boy turned 7 last night!
He got up bright and early to open his presents. He was excited for the Sphinx Lego set he had been wanting since Christmas. As always, he got spoiled with too many presents.
He got to eat breakfast on the traditional birthday plate.
He had a friend party. We had a Lego themed party with lots of fun games. For more details on the party, you can visit my craft blog.
He is so big now. It's kind of crazy.
Some things about Brenner: He loves technology stuff. He loves TV, computer and playing on Ryan's Ipod. He loves science and doing experiments. He loves playing with friends. He also loves doing crafts. He loves school and is very smart. He has a bit of a temper when it comes to his little brothers (but who doesn't). Brenner is a really sweet kid. We have enjoyed spending the last 7 years with him:)

Happy Birthday Big B!!!


Cami said...

Happy Birthday from your friend Ella. We miss you! (exclamation point specifically requested by Ella)

The York's said...

I can't believe he's 7! looks like it was a fun party! I might have to have you teach me some things when i come down this summer! Your so crafty! (I really want to see one of your bows in person!)

Lucashell said...

Happy birthday Brenner, You are 7 can't believe it...