Monday, December 27, 2010

Ice Skating

Yesterday I traded in my flip flops for ice skates... literally. It was so nice outside... t-shirt weather. We headed to the ice skating rink in St. George.
It was kind of hard for the kids to skate...
Pushing around the buckets worked okay, but they needed to be a little taller for B & J.
We had some of our nieces and nephew with us... they seemed to have a fun time.
Brenner got the hang of it better than the rest of our kids.
I'm thinking next time we should go should be a date night:)


Cami said...

Looks like fun.
As long as you can stay on your feet, it's a delightful activity. :)

Berty Bell said...

Ice skating is not for me!!! I'm glad you enjoy it, and that you can get your kids out there skating. I had no idea that the ice rink is in the sun bowl??? Or is it???