Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scooter Fun

I got this bright idea to take the kids to the skate park to ride their scooters.
They ended up thinking that was pretty fun.... but now Brenner wants a skateboard:)
There was this huge bowl thingy made out of cement.... the kids could not get out of it without my help.... so next time I get mad at them, I'm taking them to the skate park and putting them in time out in the cement bowl:)
On our way there, I drove through Arctic Circle to grab dinner... I ordered the kids each a corn dog... and got myself a Rootbeer float!
He'll be such a cute old man!


Lucashell said...

did you find there scooters? I found Legz just not looking hard enough (Ex. in someone else yard)

Jessica said...

Your timeout idea is awesome. Good luck on the move. I want to see some new house pictures!

Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

That is hilarious that they couldn't get out of that cement bowl. If I was there I wouldn't be much help because I would be laughing at them. Rude, I know. I can't believe how blonde Terek's hair is. Crazy.