Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tim Tams

This post is for Logan...

Logan went on his mission to Australia and he loved the Tim Tams there. Just recently, he and Sydney did their own taste test comparing the American Tim Tams to the Australia ones.
The kids and I were at Target today and they had an end cap right by the register loaded with Tim Tams. I told the kids that those were Logan's cookies and he had his own special way of eating them. So, we bought them but they had to wait until we got home (I even made them wait until after dinner) to try them because we needed milk. I taught them how to bite the corners off and suck the milk up through like a straw. My kids like soggy stuff like I do, so they seemed to love the cookies. A package of 9 cookies was $2 so we won't be buying them again any time soon, but it was fun to try.

I wonder if they saved any for me?


Lucashell said...

OK, this makes me upset. I hope Logan had taught you better. You made one mistake. You used milk instead of hot chocolate. Now you have ruined the Tim Tam experience for your boys. You better go to Target again and get it right this time.

musicmom said...

Anisa-- my husband went to Australia too (Adelaide). He loves vegemite. (have you ever eaten that on toast. I think it is foul stuff. But Damon loves it. Says everyone in Australia eats it. My brother went there too (sydney), but he doesn't like it as much as Damon. ;) oh the joy of mission food. I will have to ask Damon about Tim Tams.
Laura (fugal)

Logan and Sydney said...

You know that if you buy the regular chocolate cream ones you get 11 in a package. - Logan

Liberty Williams said...

I need to try these. Love the picture of the boys eating them.