Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Helper

Ryan painted Terek's room yesterday. Joren decided he wanted to help. So, he was "pretending" to paint. He got a cup of water and painted Terek's bed and nightstand (I guess it's because when I paint furniture, I only paint the front part that can be seen).

He was very quiet so I thought maybe he was being naughty. I went up there and he had the door locked. But all he was doing was putting the plug covers back on (I guess he was afraid we would get mad at him... that must happen often:)


rubberbandgirl said...

A little scary on the outlet covers...sweet little Joren. :)

100 GOALS!!! said...
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Liberty Williams said...

That comment that deleted was was under my other blog and I didn't want that to show??? This is what i deleted...SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Your mom was just telling me that Joren loves to paint.