Monday, July 27, 2009

Blendy Pens

Brenner has been wanting Blendy Pens for awhile. So when Grandma got here yesterday, he talked her into using her credit card to buy the blendy pens. I wasn't so sure about this concept of buying markers that cost $20 plus $8 shipping and handling even if I wasn't the one paying for them. So, we went to Target and they had a $10 version with just a few markers. And that is just what they are. They are Markers that share one lid. So you you put them together and twist... that makes the markers touch each other end to end. And the colors mix. So, you touch a red marker to a yellow marker. At first the marker colors kind of red, then orange, then back to yellow. That's how they blend. What a sham!!! I could touch his markers together for him for a lot less money:)

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Laura Alvord said...

You are so funny. I feel like I am in withdrawal from not seeing you since I saw you about 4 times in one week.